Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is the term referring to the Fourth Industrial Revolution that describes phenomenon of digital transformation applied to the industry. It is characterized by the total interaction between the elements and processes that constitute a production unit. Digitization and automation of industrial processes drive the next industrial revolution, giving rise to Smart Factories.

Its objective is to connect all stakeholders in an industry and/or company so that there is an effective flow of information. It allows visualizing processes in real time to apply artificial intelligence concepts to manufacturing processes and supply chain (business intelligence). This enables rapid decision-making to dynamically change strategies and processes, anticipating future scenarios, and providing the flexibility to adapt to market changes (time to market).

De Lorenzo’s didactic systems achieve the complete operation of a scale factory within a school laboratory to illustrate the Smart Factory of the future. The trainers integrate elements used in the Industry, such as Hardware, Software and Simulated Industrial Processes.

The collaborative platform encourages the creation of multidisciplinary groups to simulate in the classroom conditions and problems typically found in the industry, by developing skills such as teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking. Data accumulation using data mining tools allows the student to identify key elements and develop the skills required by the fourth industrial revolution for more efficient planning and more flexible use of resources.

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In the factories of the future, the digitalization of information, combined with high performance hardware, allows the implementation of more flexible and optimized production architectures ...


The trainer is designed for intermediate, higher and graduate level students in which they will be able to learn dominant concepts and technologies in the industrial market ...


"Additive manufacturing" is the process that is based on the manufacture or production of parts from a 3D model by the successive placement of layers of material ...