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Each board of the TIME system can be supplied complete with a Student Navigator software that allows students to perform their learning activities through a Personal Computer, without the need for any other documentation.
Moreover, the Student Navigator is provided with an interface to the Laboratory Management software DL Lab, to allow the realization of fully integrated training systems, where all the educational tasks are managed and controlled by the Teacher, through his own work station.
• theoretical subjects through PC with hyper textual navigation according to the standard World Wide Web Internet method
• practical training guided through PC, with test questions and computer control of the answers
• fault insertion from PC (or from remote teacher station) and troubleshooting operations with   computer control of the answers
• use of the computer as a stand‐ alone work station or integrated in the computer network of the laboratory 



This application allows Teachers a complete management of all the activities inside the Laboratory:
• assignment of the lessons that the students must study
• monitoring of the activities of each student (in/out from the lessons, right or wrong answers, rating, etc.)
• direct  communication  with each student  workstation (sending and receiving messages, fault insertion on the student workstations
• recording of all the students’ activities in a database (Microsoft Access compatible) on the Teacher’s workstation
• processing of the stored data for the control of the individual or group learning level
The DL LAB software offers a simple and effective user interface (similar to Explorer in Windows) that allows teacher to move among students, lessons, faults and results in the same way he is used to explore the computer resources.
• unlimited number of classes (one database for each class)
• unlimited number of students per class
• maximum number of work stations connected at the same time: 256
• 32 bit operating systems
• user interface similar to Windows Explorer
• control of the Students’ access through Username and Pass‐  word
• assignment of the lessons to study, insertion of the faults, ac‐ cess control
• communication with the students and message exchange
• visualization of every activity performed  by the students
• complete list of all the on‐line   lessons and faults
• results of each student in the last performed lesson: details relevant to each question, average rating, time
• results of class performance
• export of the results in ASCII format 


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