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The Smart Grid is a system for an "intelligent distribution" of electricity, able to know the consumption of the various end users and to manage the generation and distribution of electricity according to demand.
Simply put, if in a given area we have a potential overload of energy, the excess energy can be redistributed to other areas that need it, based on the actual requests from end users.
Furthermore, the software that runs the Smart Grid monitors the electrical flow of the system, integrates renewable energy into the network and activates / suspends the industrial or domestic processes during periods when electricity costs less / more.
The modular laboratory for the study of the concepts related to the Smart Grid system developed by De Lorenzo simulates the generation of energy from three different sources (thermal, hydroelectric, wind farm), its transmission and distribution by means of high voltage lines simulation models and its utilization, including small photovoltaic solar energy plants for domestic use.
A SCADA software provides to the acquisition and storage of the data.

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