De Lorenzo SpA received the award from the General Manager of Project Management Unit of the Ministry of Education of Eritrea for the supply and the procurement of workshop equipment for technical schools on the following specific topics: electricity workshop, electronics workshop, computer maintenance and networking workshop, basic computer lab, and office equipment.


De Lorenzo SpA has received an award for a tender in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia with  final destination the  Institute of Technology  for the supply of laboratory equipment.

After the delivery of the goods and the supply and installation that De Lorenzo' s local agent  has previously arranged, the training  of some of  De Lorenzo's equipment has been recently completed with a successful education session at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

De Lorenzo's engineers have concluded a 7 days training session showing to teachers and students the functioning and main technical features of the De Lorenzo SMART GRID, modular laboratory able to simulate the generation of energy from three different sources (thermal, hydroelectric, wind farm), its transmission and distribution by means of high voltage lines simulation models and its utilization, including small photovoltaic solar energy plants for domestic use.

Thanks to their time spent in Bahir Dar, they managed to give to the Ethiopian professors a deep knowledge of the "intelligent distribution of electricity" solutions through the use of a didactic trainer as a perfect mean of an effective and complete technical education.